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It’s Christmas time again; the season to give and receive gifts, and one to ponder over what to spend money on. We all have that one relative who always wanted a phone (probably still a kid) and who we always make promises to. Well, if you’re in such a situation and you’re at a loss regarding what to get (especially if you’re a bit short on cash), perhaps you should take a look at the choices below:

Moto G5

Over the past 5 months, there have been a lot off tech pieces that have seemingly raised the bar, but the Moto G5 is still a pretty stable force. The G5 seems a little like the metal-injected version of the Moto G3, especially as it has a 5-inch screen (as opposed to the G4, whose screen measures 5.5 inches). It makes for a decent phone, which is available at a pretty economical price as well.


There’s an aluminum panel and a removable plastic back cover that provides a more classic feel, as well as a neat fingerprint canner on the front, for lovers of the modern aesthetic.

However, there are also some pretty awesome characteristics packed in the Moto G5 that make it a good investment, especially considering its humble price. It has a sharp 10880 screen that’s pretty punchy-looking as well as an Android 7.0 software that’s pretty standard (although there are certain tweaks that skew from the norm a little bit). Also, despite the humble octa-core processor, it still provides a snappy feel.


The Moto G5 doesn’t really have any mind-blown characteristics that st hones inn the Moto G Series don’t already have. Its camera is still the usual 13MP on the back and 5MP on the front. However, if you’re looking to get something better, you’ll have to shell out more than 100 more. Given its price, it’s worth noting that the Moto G5 is just perfect.

iRULUGeoKing 3 Max

Probably the most impressive smartphone on this list is the iRULUGeoKing 3 Max.

You get a super cool 6.5-inch screen which also features full HD and a screen resolution of 1920x1080. It sure goes without saying that youcan enjoy large-scale 3D games and watch 4K high-definition videos without experiencing any issues here.


As regards memory, it’s got a 3GB RAM and a 32GB ROM. Its security is also top-notch, with a standard fingerprint scanner and recognition system, with a speed of up to less than 0.5s for opening the phone’s lock screen and activating fingerprint-based payments. The GeoKing smartphone also supports dual SIM and dual Standby, with special support for WLAN/GPS/BT/FM networks.

The camera is also quite neat, with the standard 13MP rear camera and 5MP secondary camera. With support for professional mode photographic film, this phone lets the artistic and photographic genius in you find expression.


Discount offers for the GeoKing 3 can be accessed here

Lenovo P2

The Lenovo P2 is nothing short of an al-round good deal, but its most standout feature definitely has to be its battery life. It packs in a 5100mAh battery, even though the phones thickness just measures 8.35mm. It’s common for budget phones to struggle with getting such a battery ad remaining this thin, but the Lenovo P2 does a pretty good job at that. You get two-day use, and it can even charge another device. What’s not to love about that?


Battery life ismost probably the feature you’ll love the most about the Lenovo P2, but it also has some other pretty impressive ones. With a Super AMOLED screen ad a 5.5-inch display capacity, streaming movies on Netflix will be a breeze on this hone.

When the P2 was first released, most versions of it ran on the Android 6.0.1, but a recently released update for Android 7.0 Nougat is slowly making its way around the market.


The Lenovo P2 provides a custom interface rather than the usual pre Android, but it’s not one that stretches excessively and ends up annoying you even more. The Snapdragon 625 processor also has enough power to keep the user experience on smooth sail.

The only part of this phone where your expectations might be cut short might be with its camera. While it is capable of taking some crisp photos in good photos and can do a pretty good job with apps like Instagram, it comes up short when working in HDR, and the image quality will most likely go down when the lights get dimmer.

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