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Prevent NBC from Ruining the Olympics

Here are a few tips and tools to help you prevent the internet from spoiling NBC's tape delayed Olympic coverage like it did for me the other day before I could Sage Kotsenburg take gold.



General Internet

For Chrome, try this extension for unspoiling the following terms:

  • Olympics
  • Team USA (or whatever country you hail from)
  • U.S.
  • Sochi
  • Medals
  • Gold (fyi, this will completely mess with Reddit)
  • Silver
  • Bronze


If the extension above doesn't work on your twitter client, check your twitter client's options for tweet filters. You should enable the same terms, maybe with some hashtags to boot. You might need to be pretty aggressive with the blocking if you want to make sure your brain stays in the dark.


Based on limited testing, the above extension works well for Facebook posts, but you might want to unfriend some over-sharers anyways, just because.



Some news stations have a little "Olympics Recap" after the evening news. They go over what happened that morning. You probably shouldn't watch that. If they're nice, they should give the magic "Spoiler Alert" that gets them off the hook. Keep an ear out for this and be ready to change the station if you plan on enjoying the evening's events in primetime.


Unsubscribe to Sports Related RSS Feeds Temporarily

Set a reminder in your calendar for the 23rd to remind you to add the feeds back.


Be Considerate of Others

Bite your tongue if you learn something and you're watching with your friends and family.


Don't Spoil It For Yourself By Visiting the Site

Use this site instead! It was setup by a benevolent commenter and it lays out all events and has links to any streams available from NBC.


image - reddit

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