Welcome to the end of the world as we know it week folks, hosted by Hackerspace, Lifehacker’s reader-run subblog! (Lifehacker commenters, you have entered a brave new world. Repeat: This is not the mainpage.) What Hackery pursuits have you been pursuing? What do you need help with and what will you trade for it? I offer you bad jokes (and worse stories) in return for software that forces 5 minute computer breaks and runs you through a stretching routine every few hours, but only if it’s on a Mac.

We’ve all been busy, where we == Elena, who wrote a post on how to make a viral app (or why you will never make anything as good as Candy Crush), and another post that managers need to read.

I wrote a post that reintroduces Habitica (a game for getting through your to-do list). It’s gone through a few updates this past year. Feel free to promote your posts below.

If you have nothing else to share, share your bad jokes! If your sharing is too long for a comment, drop a note in the comments to Liveskittles or story, and they’ll help you out, after you consult the Hackerspace Style Guide. That’s write, we have style.

And somebody tell Liveskittles that you’re signing up to host this thread next week. Story has volunteered!