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Put On Your Big Boy Pants In Today's Open Thread

Uck. Friday. The worst. This week flew by and now it's almost the weekend. Blah! I wish it could be Tuesday or something again. That would be awesome. Then I could work more and stuff.

Well, at least we get to hang out on today's open thread together and chat about whatever. So that's something.


It was a busy week here keeping us up to date on the latest sales and interesting stories. Story gave us some tips on tangly hair, Liveschedules shared some cat love with us and brought us closer to financial security in internet monies, and teapot did some voodoo on our to-do lists.

As always, this has been brought to you by Lifehacker's reader run blog, Hackerspace. One of many Lifehacker properties, only this one lacks editorial oversight and direction, so it's way more fun. If you're interested in writing posts and sharing ideas, let us know in the comments. I think it was my week to do the open thread, but apologies if I jumped the gun. Enjoy!


Gunga galunga.

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