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Question about using a smartphone as a magnifier

Hi everybody. Or everyone around. ))

I need some advice on what exactly to look for if I wanted to use a smartphone (such as an Axon 7) as a kind of magnifying goggle.

I thought maybe Google Cardboard would do. I’m not sure tho. The phone would be doing all the work, but something needs to hold it in place in front of my eyes.

I found that I can use a smartphone camera as a zoomer, not for pics, but just to see better. I am soon bringing home a rather involved type of synthesizer with lots of buttons and settings that I need to see up close, but not to have my hands having to hold the phone while I’m learning the synth.

This is a big deal for me, though it’s not an original idea, it’s still very important that I get it to work. If I can free up my hands and keep the phone in place, I’m sure I’ll get far. Here is where I wanted to ask the basic question about what to buy to brace the phone.

Help pleace? And thanks in advance!


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