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Question: scanning Flash drives

Windows 7/8: The dialog box for scanning and fixing flash drives has changed under Windows 8. You now have fewer options to choose from. Can this be changed?

I don't know why, but almost every time I plug my thumb drive into a Windows PC, I get a notification that 'there is a problem with this drive' and the option to try to repair it (this happens on any PC, not just my own). The first screenshot shows what that looks like in Windows 7.


If I do scan the disk, I am unable to use the drive for 5 minutes (it's 32GB so the scan takes a while). Windows never finds any problems. I found that if I uncheck 'Automatically fix file system errors', the process finishes in 10 seconds, which for me is a workable situation.

However, Windows 8 changed things. This second image shows the new dialog window.

As you can see: no more unchecking options. This means that I'm back to waiting for five minutes before I can use my drive which is ridiculous because nothing's wrong with it. I presume that the options that were easily reachable in Windows 7 are still somewhere in Windows 8. Probably in the registry but I have no idea where to look. Does anybody have a clue?


Not scanning is not really an option because Windows sometimes refuses to use the drive unless it's scanned.

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