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Build. Hack. Play. It's just what we do.

My (second internal) HDD has been acting up lately, like not showing up in Windows Explorer at all, or showing up without icon, so I guess it's time to replace her soon. My configuration is:

  • A 250 GB SSD containing Windows 8.1;
  • A 500 GB HD which used to be an external one (about 90% full with music, documents, games, backups etc). I added it as an internal HD when I installed the SSD as a data drive. I didn't have money for two new drives at that time, so this was always a temporary measure.
  • A 1 TB external drive (90% full with movies and backups).

It's the second drive that I want to replace, but I have zero knowledge about HDD's and don't know what to look out for. I'd like some more 'data real estate' (at least 2 TB), but I've been reading warnings that larger drives (> 2.2GB) might not work out of the box and require some BIOS tinkering. Does anybody know more about that specific issue? Any other interesting things (brands to avoid, for example) would also be greatly appreciated.

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