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Questions About Disabling Updates on Windows 10 Home

I have some Windows 10 questions concerning Windows Update on the Home version. I keep reading and hearing that you can’t fend off the updates for long. But here is something I’m trying, just for now, and not something I recommend either.

I have the Windows Update service stopped and Disabled, as well as Background Intelligent Transfer and Cryptographic services.

I’ve also Ended and Disabled everything to do with Windows Update (that I know of) in Task Scheduler.

I’m wondering how long I can leave it like this, before MS does something, if anything.

I don’t have to do any of this. Most people shouldn’t. But I was just curious to see if it was really true, that you could only *schedule* updates and restarts— not stop them entirely.

It would be nice if all those claims were ultimately proven wrong. I realize I got a freebie from Microsoft, but I still want control over it.

Anybody have ideas if MS could still somehow intervene and take my wayward PC in hand and update it for my own good? Maybe there’s something I misunderstand about what’s been written about all this?


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