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Sometimes you just want that break from a house smelling of nappies and a a crying baby.

Sometimes your baby wants that break from a house smelling of you and a crying parent.

If you decide on a whim to run out that door to some coffee place and brought everything EXCEPT a toy (guilty as charged) you're in trouble.


Make a chew toy: Flatten a straw and tie a knot like you would a flat paper strip (to make a pentagon). I leave a short length (less than an inch) from the knotted end.

The thick bit and flat bits make for different type of chewing textures and your baby will have enough to hold. If they turn to slimy bits, then you know your baby thinks this is a good tip.

Disclaimer: As with all toys SOME supervision is necessary (I'll just laugh at poke in the eye comments)

This is my first post so I thought I would do a parenting tip.

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