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There's an App to monitor your caffeine intake, an App to track your fitness and diet goals (there are several, actually), also an App for planning your days as a puppy parent. Simply put, there are Apps for almost any purpose you can think of.

Now, I have great news for smokers who are trying to quit the bad habit. There's also an Application to help them stop their vice. Not only that, compared to its predecessors, QuitBit comes with a hardware device that's designed to help smokers kick their addiction easier. Now, here's one of the wisest things I have heard of lately. To assist them to quit, the makers encourages them to use a Smart Lighter. If that's not clever, I don't know what is.


Not an ordinary lighter after all

The QuitBit may look like an ordinary lighter but it's actually equipped with a mini LED display positioned on its upper body. The LED display monitors the number of cigarettes you have lighted up. It also tracks the duration of time since your last smoke, and you can check that at a glance.

The manufacturers of this intelligent device believe that quitting is much easier when smokers can maximize the power of self-awareness. If a smoker can track his progress, he can ultimately quit the habit.

Wanna know how QuitBit works?

QuitBit lights up cigarettes with an integrated electronic heating coil. If the last phrase looks too familiar it looks that way because it is similar to the one used in car lighters. Yes, you've seen one, and probably have used one as well. The heating coil is also responsible in helping the intelligent lighter to monitor the number of cigarettes lighted up. The lighter is smart enough to discern if you are sharing cigarettes or just flicking it to keep your fingers busy in times of intense tobacco cravings.


To maximize the use of this lighter, you can pair it with a Smartphone using Bluetooth LE. By letting it work with the companion App, you can get more detailed info about smoking habits, configure reduction plans, and if you think it's cool ('cause you'll be helping others quit) you can share your progress on social media.


There is another good thing about this device, you can set the QuitBit to only work on certain times of the day. This way, you can set a smoking plan. If you decide to only smoke a specific number of cigarettes, you can do so with this feature. Let's say you're advanced in your quitting project, and you are down to 7 smokes a day. The next day you can set your Smart lighter to work only 6 times, motivating yourself to smoke only 6 sticks for that particular day. Perfect, right? I should know, I am a former smoker, too.

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