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The company that produces Rabbit TV, a simple USB stick that can provide access to TV shows and radio channels from anywhere (almost from all countries), has just announced the release of an update significant enough to be called a technical revolution. The impact this product can create is believed to be so huge it could totally change the way the world see mobile entertainment: a subject that is, until this development, is held down by multiple Apps. Sadly, most of these applications bring about dismal viewing experience because of the limited content one can access from major providers.

With this update, countless users of new-windows-powered-devices which include mobile phones and tablets can now avail of an App-less Video-On-Demand Service which provides access to the biggest entertainment library online.


Moreover, there's no problem whether your device is mobile, tablet, laptop, or PC, your content can be optimized with the completely responsive and easy-to-use eMedia guide FreeCast Inc. provides. FreeCast is a content discovery and management network well known for the Over-The-Top (OTT) service.

Over and above that, with this fresh development, excited users can only think of one word to express their experience — Limitless viewing pleasure! Windows 8 users, especially, are thrilled to the brim since freely available TV programs of all genres including sports, music, movies, and live events emanate from the Web. Now, they are no longer confined to just shorter than short video clips, trailers, and previews. FreeCast's fresh update will now allow users to have a great VOD experience that is almost like watching TV having the freedom to watch full length movies, complete episodes of over 100,000 choice programs, and live streaming channels which are not available previously via Apps.

FreeCast CEO William Mobley says "We're excited to have launched this unprecedented update just in time for the holidays. HP, Dell, Asus, Samsung, Acer, Lenovo and especially Microsoft Surface tablets are among the most popular gifts this season, and now they can be enjoyed with the highest quality of entertainment available online,"

Additionally, January is another big month for the company. It has leaked news of more company announcements at CES including a gadget-less version of Rabbit TV powered with mobile capabilities. It also comes with a micro set-top box, a PC equipped with a quad-core processor, and a convenient app manager making it the smartest TV ever born on this planet.

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