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Recommendations for a $500 monitor by the end of the day?

I’m looking for a ~$500 monitor that will take advantage of whatever capabilities my early 2015 (oops, it’s a mid 2014 13 inch Retina) MacBook Pro has to offer and otherwise not make my eyes bleed when I stare at it all day. My current setup is some unnamed Dell monitor that I picked up somewhere when someone was done using it. It blinks a lot and takes awhile to adjust when waking from sleep and I’m using VGA, which I’d like to avoid, but my main criteria beyond the price:

  • something better than a Thunderbolt display that is less likely to cause me compatibility issues if I should change my computer (it will likely be a Mac, but it might not)
  • something that is of comparable resolution to my current laptop (or better? how does this work?)
  • something that is good for looking at heatmaps with many, many data points and accurately displaying contrast
  • something that doesn’t make my eyes bleed or feel like they’re bleeding (not the aesthetics of the monitor shape, but rather how I feel about the colors I see after staring at stuff a lot)

What can I get? / What should I look for?

Many thanks.

P.S. This is through a purchasing system, so I doubt Cyber Monday deals will work. BUT I CAN TRY.

ETA: What about this one?




or this one:


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