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So, I'm officially in love with Gawker's new blogging platform (my lengthy comments feel like they're actually allowed to be stories, now. Heh.)

I didn't have anything to post yet though and I really wanted to try it out, so here's some shameless self-promotion from me to get my 'hackerspace' started off.


Woo, Redesign!

I freaked out on the Pimp my Rom app a few months ago, redesigned it because it's UI had started boring me a little. (Not to say it's bad, just not to my taste.) (the original application's developer) is now working on a redesign of his own after a little inspiration from me (one can hope, no?) and that should be out in a week or so from what I know :D So here it is, everything I tweaked from the original app starting with colour branding to full-on layout-askewing. Have fun looking at them! :D

Here's the full album over at either at Google+ or DeviantArt, have at it!

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