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Reeder Tips and Tricks

Here are a few gestures and other UI elements of the iOS Reeder app which I've found to be helpful and which make Reeder a more efficient app.

Note: All of these swipe tips, plus more, are covered on the Reeder website. This post just covers a few of them with screenshots. If you use Reeder, definitely check out its website.


1. Basic App Views

Note: I have added the blue text; it is not part of the app.

The navigation, once you figure out what the icons stand for, is very simple and efficient and lets you change views very quickly.


2. Swipe Navigation


Note: Again, blue elements are mine.

For me, these controls are a big part of why Reeder is an efficient, good RSS app. Swiping from left to right will allow you to mark the article as read without opening it, or if it is already marked as read, change it to unread instead. Swiping in the opposite direction, from right to left, will star the article.


3. Article View


Blue is mine.

These are gestures which can be used when reading an article. Swiping from left to right will open the article in an in-app browser, which itself has a few features. Swiping from right to left will pull you back to the list of articles.


4. Feed Settings


Tap on a feed's favicon, and you'll be given an option to Unsubscribe from the feed and move it to another folder.

Overall, I think these gestures and interface options enhance the functionality and efficiency of the Reeder app. What do you think?

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