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Registry Editor "Favorites"

I’m pretty sure I’ve posted this in the past. Just that I don’t know what search terms to use in order to get Google to dig it up.

This involves the Windows 7 Registry editor and its list of Favorites that you can use to bookmark settings that you might want to revisit. I do that a lot.

You can see the list with the key combo ALT+A. You can add to it from there as well.

But the list itself, isn’t bookmarked, unless you do it yourself. It’s here:


Once you’re there, bookmark *that* location (using ALT+A, then “Add to Favorites”, and it will become a little easier to remove entries and rename them or otherwise modify them.

Which is to say, you can go to your list of Favorites, from the Favorites menu. It makes more sense once you see it in action.

I’ll wager that older and newer versions of Windows have this same convenience, but I can’t confirm.

Hope this works for someone else. And if it does, may it be useful.


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