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Removing Loctite From Fingers

I was trying to fix my headphones using some loctite (pictures below) and skimped out on safety measures like gloves or q-tips, and wasn't paying much attention when the glue spilled everywhere (header image).


STEP 1: Soak in %91 rubbing alcohol.

I thought it was acetone (which is supposed to work equally well) until I saw the label.

Step 2: While soaking, slowly work fingers apart.

This part ended up taking me about 45 minutes, but I can't underestimate the importance of doing this step very very very sloooowly. Any rush could lead to pulling skin apart, and well that'd be a painful bloody mess.


Step 3: Once fingers are freed, rub with a salt paste.

Dump a bunch of salt on hands, add a bit of water and work into a paste. Then use that paste to slough off as much of the glue as possible.



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