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To all the Coursera addicts out there, if this android application isn't already in your arsenal, it will soon be. This minimalist application holds links to all your video lectures. If you’re currently using a mobile web page, or downloading the videos manually onto your phone, this will make your life much easier.

The application is simple and that's just the way it should be. It makes good use of the Coursera’s class icons to dress and organize the space. It is currently free (thanks Rafique!) and without ad support. After downloading the application and entering your Coursera credentials, it displays a tool bar with only two choices: 'MY COURSES' and 'CATALOG'.


'MY COURSES' displays a scrollable menu of all your classes, both current and past. By clicking on one, it opens a page with a new toolbar with two new choices: 'INFORMATION' and 'LECTURES'.

'INFORMATION' shows the class description and 'LECTURES' shows a scrollable menu of all available video lectures for that class. Just click, watch and learn.


'CATALOG' offers two options: 'By Subject' and 'By University'. It's fairly straight forward and equates to the 'Explore Courses' on the Coursera website.


I do have a few suggestions for the next version, even though this may not be within the application's control, it would be nice to let the user control the video's playback speed, and also keep the video playing even when the screen is turned off.

If you have a lot of classes, or a specific class has a lot of lectures, then scrolling can be tedious - maybe an alphabetically collapsible tree for one’s classes, and a weekly collapsible category for lectures?


Rafique Anwar has created a great and streamlined application. It does one thing and does it well. He is extremely active at pushing new versions, matter of fact, I had to rewrite this post a bunch of times as he kept adding subtle features.…

Should be interesting to see what he adds next. Who knows, maybe Coursera will purchase this...


On a slight tangent, I wonder how all this free access to sophisticated knowledge will change our society - is this the new era of the 'overly educated'? With this rising tide of human knowledge, one has to wonder what greatness the next generations will achieve…

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