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Hello! Welcome to the Friday open thread, where omnichad will answer my question about how to pry open the battery compartment of a Magic Trackpad that has been sealed shut by corrosion without hurting myself in the process [insert gif of me nearly impaling myself with a flathead screwdriver here]. This is apparently my 20th time hosting an open thread, which makes me wonder where the time went and also how one would design an experiment to test how long lunatics can run the asylum before someone notices and cries for help.

If you're a literate, warm-bodied male or female, you may be a candidate to write for Hackerspace, the reader-run branch of Lifehacker. Ask us and we will probably grant you authorship unless you haven't been a participant on Lifehacker or Hackerspace for long and we don't know you well enough to trust you with the car keys. If you don't meet that requirement yet, you can always post something on your own Kinja blog and ask us to share it to Hackerspace.


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