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Build. Hack. Play. It's just what we do.

I should blank out the rest of what I wrote here, but that would be a bit wrong. I think I made a big deal out of nothing much. The Sony tv turns out to be almost self aware. Probably it’s just the thing for people like me.

I got movies and tunes and photos happening, without the manual. I didn’t want to cave in to the manual.

I learned that the dvd player only works through one of the hdmi inputs. Anyone reading this, probably knows all about why that is. I’ve yet to learn for myself.

I want the tv part but I hate the tech that’s involved. Play my movies, give me some channels, that’s about my speed. : )


Hey hackers! I need to put a few dumb questions to you. I bought a Sony Bravia KDL-40R550C. The setting up has been slow, as I’m short on energy and on patience.

I’m in new country. The last time I owned a standalone tv, it was still the analog age.

Just at the moment, the problem is about missing screws. There appear to be 4 that need to be inserted and tightened in order to secure the base to the tv. The screws didn’t come with the package.

I’m not going to ask for an exchange; the tv itself looks awesome to my eyes. I bought it from a local Audio Warehouse. You think I should just let them come here with the right screws, or can you tell me which screws might be needed?

See they charge $100 to set things up for you. I’ll pay that if I have to. But if I could pin down the type of screws needed, maybe a trip to Home Hardon or Canadian Tire would be enough.

Btw, I still have no signal to feed the tv, except a new dvd player which I’ve yet to hook up. I’ll get to that tho. But I’m looking forward to using the tv as a gallery viewer or photo frame or whatever, maybe a tune player too, to go with any programming and movies I might get to see.

In the long run, I’m only slightly concerned that this is a “smart tv”; it might get too smart or too dumb for its own good. I’ve read of such TVs not turning on, or off, after about a year. I’m hoping that won’t happen with this new Sony product that I paid full price for. No markdown here.

tl/dr: Where can I get the screws to hold the base to the tv?


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