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Share the Road in the Friday Open Thread

In honor of the French getting their roads back from the bicyclists this Sunday, let’s all remember to leave a little space. Hopefully this year’s winner keeps his title. Fun Fact: 6 of the 7 runners-up to Lance Armstrong also have either admitted to or been found guilty of doping.

It was a busy week on Hackerspace, the blog where Lifehackers go to escape the grey. Mladen gave us tips for launching a successful app. Elena gave us a few reasons to be educated in mental health counseling, followed by things to look for to avoid credit card fraud and find the best rewards card. Umataro42 was gellin’. Anthony was helping us save on auto insurance. Story told us that coding should be fun (I sometimes find it frustrating) with the app Hacked. Some questions were posed, deals shared, and useful things discussed, but you should really look yourself.


If you find that you’d like to write for Hackerspace check out the guide below and let us know. If you don’t that’s okay too.

So what projects are you working on? What tips can you share? What questions do you have?

I like to think that the philosophy around here is give what you can, and take what you need. What do I have to offer, you ask? Pro tip, if you need something, always check craigslist first. I just got a second paddle board brand new for about 50% off.


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