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It's a common problem-you find an article that you don't necessarily want to just post on your Twitter or Facebook feed and gamble that the people you think would be interested in will see it, but you don't want to feel like you're harassing someone by sending them links either.

In honor of the new Pocket sharing features, Fast Company put together an excellent post listing a few different tips and solutions for solving this conundrum.


Their main tips are pretty basic: ask first, space them out, and format liberally, but within those basic headlines are some real gems of ideas, like using Boomerang to send out posts to links on a schedule. While you might read articles in batches, no one likes to be barraged with 50 emails to links at once, and Boomerang is a great idea to automate and simplify the process. Or to kick the normal formatting of a list of links up a notch and use Mailchimp's forever free plan to really make your list of links shine.

Personally, while I've employed the basics-tagging articles with people's names and formatting lists of links for years now, I slapped my forehead at the obvious-ness of the Boomerang and Mailchimp ideas (Seriously-HOW DID I NOT THINK OF THAT?!).

Check out the full post on Fast Company here, for more details. And check out Lifehacker's previous tip on handling this problem.

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