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Shoot For The Moon In This Open Thread

Well, good morning, class! Please, have a seat. Come on into Hackerspace. Stay a while. Submit a write up about a project you did, or put up some practical advice.

Here are some things you might have missed this week.

Moon gave us tips this week about some Windows 10 backups and some other things I don’t understand. William Rand told us about expanding our memory in “pear” phones. We had some advice about shoe inserts from umataro42, but without the fetish portion of the program (truly thankful for that, too!). Elena told us to get another job, but an easy one that won’t put us in the grave way too early.


Most importantly, our resident Borg Queen is trying to assimilate more bodies into her technology machine. Don’t worry! It won’t hurt a bit. If anything, this is helpful. She really is pushing to get people educated about new technology, in very positive ways. Please be sure to check this out and pass along the messages to anyone who might benefit from the programs. At least, I think. I am pretty sure. Sorta sure. Maybe a little less sure. I don’t know what I’m talking about.

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