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Sip Some Frothy Cocoa in the Friday Open Thread

Hello and welcome to Hackerspace’s Open Thread!

For those caught in the snow storm today (like myself) spend some of your day off from work/school/etc. here with us sipping something warm and conversing over deep topics of great importance to the masses (like the best tasting M&M color: Purple!).


For those who have to be on the roads and/or out in the elements, we all send our wishes that you remain warm and safe this weekend.

For those on a sandy beach somewhere, enjoy the sun and margaritas!

What am I supposed to post here?

Whatever you want (that’s not hateful or malicious; use common etiquette).

Be sure to check out the full thread of comments to receive maximum questions to answer, clever puns to chuckle at, and humorous pop references to snicker at.



This weekly thread is brought to you by Hackerspace and one of its lovely readers, Sean (me).


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