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Sometimes we wake up, realize it's already 6:30 (20 minutes too late too trudge through your home city's traffic in time), and quickly rush through breakfast to make it to work or school, realizing a bit too late that it's 6:30 at night. We often don't think much when we wake up due to drowsiness and just go on autopilot.

One way to avoid this is to sleep with the positions of your feet and head reversed for naps, days you need to catch a flight, weekends, or really any occasion that differs from your normal sleep. Immediately after waking up, your spatial awareness informs you of your place in time.


Of course, this isn't the only way to remind yourself of where you left off when you dozed off. What do you use to keep yourself from bumbling the wrong way after waking up? Sticky notes? Different colored pillows?


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