Build. Hack. Play. It's just what we do.
Build. Hack. Play. It's just what we do.

If you’re a user of the launcher called SlickRun, or if you’d like to try it, newer releases are available, as of Dec 2014. There are two versions, one for 32bit, the other for x64.

Imo, SR has always been the launcher to use, though others like Launchy, Executor, and “FARR” have come and gone from my system.

It comes down to what you like, for sure. I like SlickRun because it has no skin and it’s fast, and it can be set to appear via a key or key combo, and sent away with a tap of the ESC key.

I brought SlickRun with me as I went from version to version of Windows, from 9x to XP, to 7— and maybe to 10 as well, depending on if it will get along there when the time comes. I can’t see why not. But maybe someone around here would want to test it to see?

Anyway, I am a little bit let down to find that my clever-ish trick for making 32bit SlickRun launch 64bit programs, is no longer required; with older versions of SR, you would often have to use the target program as a command-line argument for explorer.exe. — As of the 64bit version, that sort of geekery isn’t needed.



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