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Snackerspace: Mac and Cheese Pot Pie?

Hello! Welcome to SNACKERSPACE, my weekly post where I find one interesting food creation on the web and have you judge whether you SNACK OR NO SNACK? Last week, we looked at orange wedges full of delicious jello (I even bought the stuff and now I gotta make it but I’ve been out of town so I will try to get around to it!). This week, I am inspired by the news that Burger King is now selling Cheetos with mac and cheese inside of it. I wondered what else you can do with Mac and Cheese? Lo and behold, I found this, Mac and Cheese Pot Pie. Combining two things I love: Mac and Cheese and Pot Pie (though not together necessarily).


This recipe uses the ramekins I got for last week’s recipe and sees almost simple enough for me. It’s from The Gunny Sack and has two simple components:

  • 2-4 cups cooked macaroni and cheese (depending on the size of the ramekins)
  • 8 count package garlic butter crescents (I used Pillsbury)

And if you follow the directions on this page, you can make these incredibly adorable little pies. I kinda want to eat it. I’m far less sure about the whole mac and cheese pizza she is featuring though. That might be too much even for me.

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