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Some of the coolest inventions of recent months

I frankly don’t know of many, but these three are certainly some the craziest yet smartest inventions I’ve ever come across. Take a look:

1. Silent Partner

This smart device uses patented active noise cancellation that detects the unwanted snoring sound and generates a counter sound which suppresses it.


2. Neit Smart Luggage

This smart luggage features a foldable design that can save up to 30% of its volume. It also comes with a locking system for security as well as built-in GPS. So you can always keep a track of your luggage.

3. Moikit Seed Smart Bottle

These smart bottles hold an ability to keep record of our water intake regularly and measure the water temperature. It also prompts an indication in case we forget to drink water.


Source: Top 3 Smart Inventions That Will Blow Your Mind

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