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Sorting Files in Recycle Bin

If you haven’t messed around in Windows’ Recycle Bin much, you might be interested in two of the sorting methods that it has by default. One is “original location”, the other is “date deleted”.

There are a few other ways to sort files in the RB, but these can be more helpful than others.

Go in the Recycle Bin, however you usually do that, hold down ctrl and tap the spacebar to take the highlighting off of everything. Also, choose Details from the View menu (alt v, d for that). Then right-click (or tap the Apps key, or however you activate the context menu), and choose the sorting method from there. If you choose that criterion over again, the list will get flipped over, so that last becomes first etc. You’ll see when something was deleted, or where the file came from, depending on what sorting option you choose. Hope you like.


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