Things are certainly moving along with the new Kinja 'group chat' 1.2. I kinda like it! I find that while 'Highlights' section is great, it can be a tad confusing and unnecessary as I know I'm going to be digging into the post's comment section in depth.

All you have to do is add "/all" to the end of the page URL to get the post to open with the comments section up. While adding this yourself is most likely not more efficient (unless you're avoiding moving to your mouse), you can quickly get it done with the following simple AutoHotKey script:

;(Chrome) Add "/all" to the end of the url with Win+Y hotkey #y:: Send ^l{End}/all Sleep 200 Send {Enter} Return


It'll reload the page at to the top of the post. I'm pretty new to AHK, so you might have some improvements that you can share in the comments below.