Build. Hack. Play. It's just what we do.
Build. Hack. Play. It's just what we do.

So you're going to a super bowl party. You'll enjoy the company, the food, the ads, and maybe, the game. One surefire way to kick off some great conversations is to get some side action going. Now most of my friends aren't big spenders, but everyone can afford to make a dollar bet or two. You don't even have to understand football, because here's a revelation: you can bet on anything. Any. Thing.


Here are some to help get your creative juices going:

  1. Seahawks will win the coin toss.
  2. Winning team will choose to kick.
  3. Broncos will score first.
  4. Next play goes to the left.
  5. Next play is a pass.
  6. There will be a safety during the game (gotta get some good odds on this one).
  7. Next play hears an "Ohama!"
  8. Over/under on how good of field position they'll get on the next kickoff (average is about 23, AFAICT).
  9. This drive will be a three-and-out.
  10. Something or other about the ads.
  11. Defense will hold on this goal line stand.
  12. Over/under on how long it takes to hear the word "Crabtree."
  13. Superbowl MVP (this one goes for a candy bar at our party).
  14. Color of the Gatorade bath (dibs on purple).

The key here is not taking it too seriously. Don't go in trying to gouge your friends by looking up the line on betting sites. I suggest capping the action beforehand at a dollar or two per bet. That will make the bar of entry low and keep the action flowing. Have fun!


Just google "Super Bowl Prop Bets" for some guidance if you're struggling to get an idea on what else might be fun to bet on.

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