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Build. Hack. Play. It's just what we do.
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Spotify on Mobile, Plays One Tune, Stops

I got this little Spotify over mobile tiplet to offer. I noticed that the service would stop after each song played, if I used cell data and had background data restricted, along with a battery power saving plan in effect. <- Those things had to go off before Spots would play multiple tunes over cellular.

I don’t know why. it could be strictly a Spotify thing, coupled with mobile data on an Android phone. But there it is.

Btw, I’m using mobile coz it’s there and I’m not using much of it in the first place. My telco gives it to me and charges me for it, whether I drink it down or not. So I’m drinkin’ it. They give me 10gb a month and I don’t think I’ll dent it much.


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