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Stay Toasty in the Friday Open Thread

Hello. If you live in the US like me, you will have witnessed two signs of hell freezing over in the span of a week. First, much of the country yesterday was engulfed by an arctic chill not seen since the Ice Age. Wind-chill was below zero in places like North Carolina and Alabama; it was a mindbogglingly cold -40° in upstate New York. Second, last Friday passed by without an open thread appearing for the first time since the last mammoth succumbed to the flu. I'm not responsible for the weather, but I'm at least a little at fault for the latter. Sorry. My punishment is that I'm freezing my spaceballs off along with everyone else.


Here's some of what you missed while we were in the shadows. 1.) Joseph Skeate, our resident immunologist, urged us all to stop being self-centered and get flu shots. 2.) Kevin Izatt bought a used 3D printer for $500 and concluded that while a cheap unit comes with many compromises, there's much fun to be had if one is willing and able to tinker. 3.) Last but not least, Hackerspace Founding Father huh989 returned to share his thoughts about a GPS-enabled smartwatch from a runner's perspective. I was especially excited about this because Raymond Shaw huh989 is the kindest, bravest, warmest, most wonderful human being I've ever known in my life.

As always, the Friday open thread is brought to you by the Committee to Re-elect Hackerspace. If you have any questions for the hivemind, here's your first opportunity in two weeks.


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