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Step By Step Guide To Notching Up Your Customer Service Game

Have you started feeling that a basic e-mailing infrastructure isn’t really doing much good to as a customer service solution when it comes to your business? You might be giving a serious consideration to building up a dedicated customer service team of your own or probably taking help of an external customer service agency. If you have started giving this a thought, then congratulations – you are on the right track. Customer satisfaction and service is the most crucial thing when it comes to their robust loyalty towards your brand.

So, it’s time you invest in a quality Help Desk Software!

As picking the right one can be a confusing affair, here’s a guide to help you go about it.


· Get clarity about these 2 things to begin with…

What do your customers expect from your brand?

Depending on your brand and the industry you cater to, you have to figure out your customer base’s preferences. Majority of your customers might prefer social media assistance, over a telephonic conversation. So keep a track on the pattern of their actions and gather information about where they seek help. Also, based on the industry and the size of your business, you have to predict the volume of customer queries you are expected in receive in a course of time.

What are your unified goals as a brand?

Once you have clarity about the expectations and preferences of your customers, you need to put them in line with your business structure and goals, and what you intend to offer them. Based on this knowledge you have to distribute your workforce and resources, with focus on the channels expecting higher service requests. This preferred channel would govern your choice of software.


· Make up your mind on the budget of the software

Once you have a clear picture of the kind of support you expect to offer, your customers, it’s time to decide on a budget that you look forward to invest in the required software. The budget would further depend on the size of your business and subsequently your team, and the compatibility and integration aspect of it. A number of external integrations might be required depending on your organization’s infrastructure.


· Pick up the features that you need for your business

Have a look at the following most common list of features, and figure out which ones are most important for your organization.


Inbox for the team:

It is a shared service inbox, accessible by the entire team.Simplifying the tracking procedure for the entire team.


Support over chat:

It is the real time chat support for quicker resolutions. The software helps in the automatic chat query creations.


Telephonic Support:

This is an integration with the voice over internet applications, which includes the vice call support features.


Support Forums:

It is a well-managed platform, bringing the brand and the customers together. The software helps you manage and customize these platforms easily.


So make well-informed and smart choices and keep your customers happy!

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