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I know you’re busy, and often times busier than busy. Your phone is always on and you’re always plugged.

That means you have to create a good schedule for charging your phone.

However, there will always be a time when, because of all the chaos in your work and off work hours, you’ll not be able to charge your phone.


A doable solution is offered in this post to address this common predicament so guiding you with an easy solution is part of the game plan here. Tell you what, I spent valuable time to gather the info included here.

So, I’m confident to say, you will spend your time wisely by reading ‘til you reach the end of the post.

A Phone with no power spells disaster

What will you do with a phone with low battery?

Of course, you’ll be forced to leave it alone ‘cause you can’t fix this scenario.


Unless you learned some magic tricks from Harry potter, then you can charge it without a charger!

Better yet, charge it right away. Problem is... you left your charger in your office. Maaan! How can I ever forget my charger?


But, again, you need your device.

So... what’s the solution? How can you avoid a scenario where you badly need to make a call and your phone is dead?


You’re in a total mess.

You badly need your phone

You’re Phone is dead and you need it like your life depended on the gadget.

In times like these...

You need a power bank.

That’s where Stin Jolt box comes in handy.


A power bank can rescue you

Stin Jolt Box is the most Compact 10,000 mAh portable charger you can find in the market today. It has a minimalistic and sleek design with looks that can shame a lot of its competitors today. This power bank’s monochrome look complements its aluminum body and because it’s slim, you can bring Stin with you wherever you need to go. Stin is an ultra high capacity power bank with the most powerful 3.1A output. It’s also built with smart port technology for iPhone so device can charge an iPad, a Samsung Galaxy, and a lot more.


A standby time of up to 6 months

Before I forget, this is what caught my attention right after checking Stin’s website, Stin jolt Box is equipped with advanced power lock technology with standby time of up to 6 months after fully charged. Which makes it an ideal travel companion. And if you buy one now, you’ll save about 38%.


Black is beautiful

Stin Jolt Box, a product of Stin, a leading tech company, is designed to look extremely business like, so its makers decided to color it black. Ask any fashion expert or a fashion icon, they’ll tell you black is the classiest color. Black can be matched with any color and it looks good with any outfit. Stin Jolt box in black, you can never beat that.



  • EXCLUSIVE SMART PORT TECHNOLOGY: This is exclusive to Stin. This charger will detect your device, intelligently, and give you the fastest charge you’ll ever get. Speed up to 3.1 amps
  • ULTRA-HIGH CAPACITY: Stin Jolt Box is a portable battery pack with dual USB port that has 10,000 mAh capacity. Charges the iPad Air almost once, the Galaxy S5 two and a half times, the iPhone 5s four times and a half and other smartphones multiple times.
  • MULTIPLE SAFETY PROTECTION: Stin’s circuit design has multiple safety protection. It uses grade A Li-ion polymer cell and premium microchips to reduced its weight and increase its safety measures. It has secured battery safety with 4 layers of smart safety protection circuit; equipped with advanced power lock technology with standby time up to 6 months after fully charged. 500+ recharge cycles over the life of the battery.
  • ENTIRELY COMPACT: Stin Jolt Box will fit easily into any size of bag or pocket. It’s compact, portable & stylish. You can drop it in your bag so you have a standby charger whenever you need one. Stin Jolt box is a perfect travel companion. It’s perfect for long flights, road trips, or wherever you need to charge your devices. It’s often used as a substitute for a car charger, such as an iPhone car charger, dual USB car charger and iPad car charger.
  • PREMIUM PERFORMANCE: Stin is constructed with industry grade materials, premium circuitry, and 92% efficient battery cell — this is 10% above industry standards — it ensures complete reliability for any user. It comes with portable battery charger with 4 LED indicators to show charging and discharging status. I have to warn you of this: for best results, always use the cable that came with your gadget or use a cable that has been certified and recommended for your device.

So... once you purchased Stin Jolt Box and have added it in your arsenal of devices for work and play, always keep it in your bag. That way, you’ll be assured you have a stand-by charger to power up your devices whenever they let you down.

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