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Summer Is Winding Down in the Friday Open Thread

Welcome, my fellow Hackers, to your Friday Open Thread. I welcome you to this installment as Summer winds to its inevitable end. Children here in Southern California are already going back to school. And, while I probably shouldn’t mention it for fear of jinxing it, the weather here has been surprisingly mild the last week or so.

I hope you all have your eclipse glasses ready for Monday’s solar eclipse. Let us know in the comments what your eclipse plans are. Are you going to travel to get a great view or are you sticking close to home? You can see when the eclipse will occur in your neighborhood with this calculator. It occurs to me if you ARE traveling, you will want a full tank of gas as well as plenty of food and water; it sounds like some small towns’ capacities to host visitors will be stretched beyond capacity.


So share your eclipse plans with us, or any questions you have, or whatever is on your mind. The comments are open for business!

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SKZ will be hosting the Friday Open Thread next week, so standby for tons of fun!

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