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Synereos Attention Economy Blockchain App Rebranded as WildSpark

“We aren’t competing with YouTube for hosting the content — we are introducing a way for curators and creators to monetize their existing activity, outside of the platform itself,” says founder and CEO of Tel Aviv-based Synereo, Dor Konforty, about ‘WildSpark’, his company’s flagship product formerly called ‘Qrator.’

Synereo’s goal is “to build novel, fairer tools and solutions for content creators, curators and all participants in the content-based value creation chain.”

The CEO points out: “WildSpark is the first solution that allows direct compensation for value creation, and transfer of digital currency, on top of existing platforms and without being bound by them.”


A blockchain application for the “attention economy”, which treats human attention span as a scarce economy, WildSpark promises to allow users to send the blockchain’s native digital token, AMP, to their favorite content creators. Users can also team up on content they like in a profit-sharing model to get that particular content seen, and shared some more.

“Following the investment of AMPs in the content, the curator gets a unique link that they can share with their followers and friends,” explains Co-Founder and Chief Marketing Officer Anderson McCutcheon in a company press release announcing the rebrand. “If more people use the link and ‘Amplify’ the content, the curator responsible for content discovery gets a share of the contribution.”

WildSpark is the first publicly available product that makes use of the ‘AMP’, Synereo’s digital currency. “WildSpark addresses the fact that content and its creators are bound by the monetization methods and strict guidelines mandated by a few large mega-corporations,” McCutcheon said.

Named a “Cool Blockchain Vendor” by technology research firm Gartner, Synereo will release the beta version of ‘WildSpark’ on June 30. It opened registration for early access to WildSpark at on June 19.


“While WildSpark is being released as an Open Beta, Synereo takes issues of security, scaling, and stability with all due seriousness,” writes Synereo in its blog about the release. “Each day, additional users will be granted access to the Beta, and emailed a link to the WildSpark app at the Chrome Web Store. Controlling the onboarding velocity will allow us to be highly attentive to user feedback, and make certain a smooth, reliable, and bug-free experience for all.”

Synereo envisages a “new form of relationship” between content creators and audiences. “One based on participation, mutuality, and fairness,” writes the Synereo team. “With [WildSpark] moving into its next, decentralized phase, these principles will become even more pronounced and set the stage for a new form of decentralized economy.”


In Early April, one week after announcing WildSpark under its former name, Synereo gave a development update.

“On the Technological front, we are close to completing our back-end server, created such that it would be simple to later mirror on the decentralized web,” wrote the team. “This server keeps user information and identities, identifies interactions with content, generates unique user links, and keeps track of all microtransactions. Our developers are now integrating it with the Omni Protocol-based transaction server, allowing our system to synchronize with the blockchain for the secure handling of AMPs.”


Synereo added: “In addition, we’re fine-tuning the Attention Economy model to maximize gains for creators and curators alike, in a fair and transparent approach that benefits all.”


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