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Take a Hike, Harvey, in the Friday Open Thread

NASA: GOES image of Hurricane Harvey, 25 August 2017, 1407 UTC

Welcome, friends, to the Hurricane Harvey episode of the Open Friday Thread. Our sympathy and good thoughts go to those caught up in the hurricane and those responding to their needs.

At times like this our instinct is to help so it’s essential that our activities actually DO the good we intend. As admirable as our ideas of sending THINGS to the affected areas are, getting goods there and distributing them is often a drain on the resources of agencies working to help. Frankly, money is the most useful aid. The American Red Cross, the Houston Food Bank and the Greater Houston Community Foundation are a few of the agencies you might evaluate if you’re considering a donation. The need will be ongoing, so please think, too, about making a donation in a few weeks or months.


This week on Hackerspace Moon discusses connectivity between PCs and tablets as well as event trace log files. And Tony Toreto explains a new blockchain fiat currency offered by Ethereum.

I hope my fellow Hackers are keeping dry and safe. What’s up in your neck of the woods? Do you have any fun plans for your weekend? Here in the US many of us have a three-day weekend in honor of Labor Day when, contrary to the name of the holiday, most of us celebrate by doing as little as possible.

Share your plans with us in the comments along with any questions you have.

Be well!

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