Hello! Welcome to the Friday open thread, where one can ask such questions as, "Am I still alive?" and "Why?" and receive tips about how to use an Arduino to wash your laundry in return.

Friday's open thread is generally a place where Lifehacker readers can share their tips or simply talk among themselves, but it also serves as a kind of open house for Hackerspace, Lifehacker's community-run sister blog. If you like Lifehacker, and like Lifehacker commenters, you might like Hackerspace, where Lifehacker commenters write interesting things like this by BrokeinMileEnd while living lives of deep personal fulfillment. In Hackerspace, the land flows with milk and honey, and the kale tastes like cheesecake. If that sounds swell, join us.

Today's theme, as suggested by story645 last night on Twitter when she asked me to host this thread for two shekels, is the 2014 World Cup. Tell us which teams you're supporting, how normal life has or hasn't been disrupted in your country, or about anything else that you think we might find interesting. If you want to know how to watch the World Cup on TV and streaming devices, Whitson wrote a great summary for Lifehacker and I wrote a tl;dr one for Hackerspace.


[Calvin and Hobbes strip by Bill Watterson from @Calvinn_Hobbes]