Say it sweet, say it perdy, say it soft, say it derdy, gimme shelter, gimme air, so at least I know you’re there.

This is a late posting, should have been 7ish this morning, but I needed sleep. Sometime, I’d like to write all about the weird places I go when I dream — except for the x rated stuff... I’ll save that for one of the trashy novels I hope to write. Look for it in a delete bin near you.

But til then, let us never mind the future bs, and stick to what’s current. I have plenty. I also have some truth, but it’s a bit drab. But whatever you have, please feel free to spill it here.

<— PS: Have I posted this piece of lego ... art... of mine? I hope not. It's "the impossible yet necessary climb". You are on a dubious journey up and it's slippery. But at the top, is Killjoy, waiting to push you back down.


PPS: Look at the curves on this thing. I mean that thing further down. My html skills are not good. Sorry.