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Can I say I just love the font? I love the font! It's probably the same as before, but it's really good. Mostly.

Now before I go any further, I know that it is the same across all Gawker sites and might not be changed because silly little me has an opinion, but here goes nothing.

I first noticed the beauty of the font right after I had placed a comment on a post. Not a comment on a comment, just a comment on a post. I clicked 'Publish', and seconds later I thought: 'Wow, my comment looks really good!' The reason: the font is slightly bigger when you have just placed the post. It also stretches over the whole width of the blog (as opposed to the two column layout of the comments in general).


As far as I can see, there's three font sizes in use for the main font (this excludes titles, tags, nicknames, timestamps etc.): Big (first paragraph of an article/post), small (the remaining part of a post, and comments), and something in between (only seen when you have just placed your comment). I think that the font looks best in that last size. The line spacing is a bit too much on the larger size, and the small size is a bit too small on a computer screen (for more about font size related to screen size/distance, see this excellent article:…, which I found via Hackdesign, which I think was featured on Lifehacker a while ago so I've come full circle on this one).

Any opinions? Am I making any sense, or am I obsessing too much over something trivial?

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