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Software development, data science and cybersecurity is the need of the hour as it was in 2018. From artificial intelligence taking the market by storm to automation dominating the market, some skills have come under huge demand more because of IT Outsourcing. These skills have gained demand across various industries and hence people have started learning them so that they can use their soft skills with technical knowledge to reach new highs in their career.

In this article, we would discuss some of the highest demand tech jobs which would help you to progress in your career and earn a lot.

Cybersecurity Engineer

Security is one of the major concerns of all the companies and in today’s world, when most of the work is done digitally, cybersecurity plays a very important role. Each company, irrespective of the industry, would need a cybersecurity engineer to protect their confidential data. IoT or Internet of Things security is an area of focus now. Connected devices have become quite common in all companies and cybercriminals are on the lookout to exploit them. It is the Cybersecurity Engineer who protects the data of the company from such vulnerabilities.


Machine Learning Engineer

Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning is the most flourishing industry now and hence the professionals who are the masters of this skill are in demand as well. The skills are in demand across all the industries now as everyone wants to switch to automation.

Full-Stack Developer

They are among the most demanded individuals by the employers. IT Outsourcing has made many companies switch from the backend to front end, and this means they would need people who have experience on all levels of the application stack.


Data Scientist

Data is the most valued asset for any company today. It is important not only to maintain them but also manage them properly. Data Scientist is among the highest-paid and demanded individuals, who work with data and predicts different patterns that would help the business to grow. Much of the business decisions are taken depending on the reports of data scientists and hence they play a very important role in the company.


Cloud Engineer

Companies have now moved away from on-premise infrastructure model to cloud. This has become more important while designing and upgrading to a new environment. One can now see the dramatic increase in demand for professionals who have cloud experience in recent years.


Scrum Master

Scrum Masters are now in demand mainly because of their ability to organize and adapt to Agile, one of the most in-demand software development models. By hiring the Scrum Masters, organizations are becoming self-organizing and making changes that would get quickly adapted to the agile environment.


DevOps Engineer

The DevOps workflow has become quite popular now and hence its demand has also increased significantly. If you visit various job portals, you would see a dramatic increase in the demand for these professionals in the recent few years. Technologists with higher experience are getting quite a handsome salary and this is expected to increase more in the next few years.


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