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Hey, everyone! Who else here watched the Apple Worldwide Developers Conference 2016 yesterday? It was another year of exciting reveals, this time with a focus on software updates. I don’t know about you, but the updates I’m most excited about are:

- MacOS Sierra: after 15 years, Mac OS X gets a new name. New features of this update will include optimized storage, an updated iCloud drive, “picture-in-picture” video, and a universal clipboard.

- Apple Maps: finally, Apple Maps has been totally redesigned. Good call, Apple. The app is now able to show traffic, alternate routes, and even book restaurant reservations for you.


- Swift Playgrounds: an app that uses gamification to teach children to code, right on their iPads.

- Siri on MacOS: looking forward to seeing how well this will work.

This infographic timeline shows Apple’s biggest releases at the WWDC over the last ten years. Check it out:

What were you most excited about from the WWDC 2016?

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