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What makes some startup names stick, while others are quickly forgotten? Entrepreneurs know how precarious startup life is, and the importance of brand recognition. Think about it: most of us quickly recognize names like Lyft, Patreon, Flickr and Dropbox. But how many of us have heard of Choozle? Or Us Likey (you sure about that?)?

Let’s face it—as cool as a company name might sound in theory, some names just don’t work. At best, a company name will be descriptive and, more importantly, memorable. At worst, a company name will be confusing, maybe even borderline offensive (Pikock?), and easily forgotten.


Of course, there are always exceptions—I mean, Google (a play on the mathematical term“googol”) is a bit abstract, but unforgettable.

So which names work and which ones just don’t quite stick? This infographic organizes the companies by name category. The infographic also rates the effectiveness of their names on a scale of “Perfect” to “Nah.” The effectiveness of a name is decided by how well the name describes the mission statement of the company—basically, could someone who wasn’t familiar with the company figure out what the company does based on their name and logo alone?

Do you agree with how these startup names have been rated?

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