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The BlitzWolf BS3 Selfie Stick; All You Need in a Selfie Stick Rolled Into One

If there’s one thing that makes holidays even more worthwhile, it is capturing wonderful memories. The ability to capture wonderful memories while on holiday is one of the highlights of the entire period. Everyone has the need to create memoirs while on holiday, and the ability to take stunning pictures is what helps you to achieve that.

However, one impediment always came in the form of convenience and comfort. While we might have always wanted to take pictures easily, it’s pretty hard to do so when you’re alone. Bending cameras and trying to fit yourself is always a challenge.


Thankfully, you got your selfie stick to help get you out of such a jam.

With a selfie stick, taking pictures and creating memories has become increasingly easy. Selfie sticks utilize your phone’s camera (or cameras, as the case might be) and harnesses them to help take pictures with the push of a button, thereby giving you the ability to fit yourself in your pictures.


When it comes to selfie sticks, the creme de la creme has got to be the BlitzWolf BS3. Technologically advanced and fitted with basically all you’ll ever need in an efficient selfie stick, here are a few advantages you stand to gain from using the BlitzWolf BS3:

360 rotation

The BlitzWolf BS3 selfie stick has one major advantage over a majority of selfie sticks in today’s market; it’s got 360 rotation. This proves to be a massive advantage to many selfie sticks, which are constrained to taking pictures from just one angle.


With 360 rotation, you’re able to get the convenience needed to take an awesome picture and you also enjoy capturing flexibility.

Removable Bluetooth remote controller

The BlitzWolf BS3 comes with a Bluetooth remote controller, which allows you to take pictures even without holding the selfie stick. If you’re looking to take convenience in taking selfies to another level, this is the product for you.


The Bluetooth remote controller is easy to operate, and it provides an even wider range of picture angles.

Three tents for the tripod

It has been well established that the triangle is the most stable shape on Earth. Following the same theory in operation, the BlitzWolf BS3 comes with three tents for a tripod, in order to Borobudur you with the most stable experience when using the selfie stick’s tripod function.


To work with it, all you need to do is take off the removable Bluetooth controller. Use the selfie stick and set it up in a position that is within the range of the Bluetooth’ connection. Open the three tents tripod, and make he phone stand on the tripod on the flat space. You will also need to set the right scene which you’ll like to see on the screen.

The BlitzWolf BS3 also offers comfort as a selling point over others in its line of rivals. Compared with the selfie sticks which will need to be held and operates by hand, theBlitzWolf BS3, with the three tents, offers you the ability to take amazing pictures due to the presence of a stable foundation.


Weight and length efficiency

Also, apart from these three functional points, the extended length of this selfie stick can range between 16.5-60 cm, meaning that you’ll be able to capture images on even wider angles. It also weighs only 148g (a tad less than the 150g that many selfie sticks weigh), making your luggage light and leaving much more room for your clothes and other luggage items while you’re packing for your trip (I mean, this selfie stick is basically a carry-on)


All these and more are the advantages that you stand to gain from getting the BlitzWolf BS3 selfie stick. With this amazing tool, you can rest assured that this holiday will be even more exciting. You’ll sure have more mementos to show those around you.

BlitzWolf is an international brand, focusing on simplify your life, and producing more high quality products and bring you the excellent products experience. The BlitzWolf BS3 selfie stick is currently available on a wide array of major online stores and retailers, ranging from Amazon,, AliExpress eBay to Wish. Feel free to get one for the coming holiday. You’ll be more than happy that you did.

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