The Chrome App Launcher was released to the public over a month ago. After using it for a few days, I decided to discuss it a bit.


What Exactly is the Chrome App Launcher?

The Chrome App Launcher shows up on your taskbar as an icon. When clicked, it opens up a page displaying your Chrome Apps and a search box.

Why is it useful?

The search box can be used to access any website, Chrome App, or a search. Also, you can open the Chrome Web Apps by clicking on them (you can select how they open — in a window, pinned tab, etc — by right-clicking on each individual App).



The usefulness of the App Launcher can be increased by assigning a keyboard shortcut to the launcher:


This way, a mini-window will be a shortcut away, giving you easy access to the App Launcher. Furthermore, you can create a shortcut to your desktop, letting you double-click it from your desktop to launch it.

What do you think of the Chrome App Launcher?