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The Dangers of Labeling Yourself 'Stupid'

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Many of us tend to label ourselves as stupid when confronted with a problem outside our area of expertise or have tried helping someone who self-identified as stupid. Tech-help blogger Leo Notenboom points out how this type of labeling stands in the way of solving the problem at hand.

The problem is by labeling yourself as dumb or stupid (even if just when it comes to computers), you are telling yourself that you are incapable. That belief will get in the way of any answer that I give. Trust me, that belief will even prevent you from seeing the answer that might be staring you in the face.


Instead, he suggests admitting your lack of knowledge in the situation and being open to learning something new. While this is important to remember personally, it's also something to pass along to frustrated family members and/or coworkers we often help who might fall into the same trap.

Don't call yourself stupid | Ask Leo

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