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Build. Hack. Play. It's just what we do.

The world has changed, and that change has also caught up with education and the way knowledge is being passed down. Day by day, more and more people begin to see how important technology is to education and how i can help make things easier.

But what is that importance?

Well, look below and judge for yourself:


Interest is one of the major reasons why technology has been able to contribute so much to education and the learning process. It’s no news that children teenagers, and especially adults love technology and the thrill of having to work (or play) with a gadget or the other. However, when mixed with education, technology is capable of sparking just the same amount of interest (or perhaps even more).


The integration of technology with education has made it much easier for teachers and lecturers to capture the attention of students and as such, they find it much easier to pass across their message and the essence of what they’re trying to teach. Technology tools have also made it possible for students o perfectly grasp their lectures and hi leads to an increase in assimilation and comprehension.

Increased Educational Productivity

In this context, productivity refers to output on the part of both the teachers and the schools at large. So let’s examine both relations:

On the part of teachers, technology has been able to help them read much wider. This means that teachers are able to go online from the comfort of their homes, research on various topics relating to their fields and what they are trying to teach. They get more (and even better) insights and materials that help explain what they’re trying to pass across and they are able to do so more effectively through tools like visual aids and much more. Productivity is increased when more students are able to easily understand what they are being taught and the teachers are said to be much more productive that way.


On the part of the schools, technology actually has a way of saving money and getting more results. By gaining access to certain sales and purchasing opportunities for equipment, schools are able to reduce their reliance on external help and are able to stand on their own. The availability of these technological tools to their staff and students will directly increase the results they get and in the long run, their productivity as well.

Enhanced Comprehension and Retention

The most effective methods of teaching are participation and visual engagement. Technology has been able to be immensely in these two areas over the past few years. Through visual aids, exercises, tutorials, video lessons, and much more, technology has been able to help students see some of the things they are being aught firsthand. The ability of these students to participate more in the learning process means that they will be able to remember things more easily and their set of skills also increase over time. In the end, what you get will be students who are well-rounded, highly skilled, and who have much better rates of retention.


Accessibility and Extensive Research

When students get access to technology, they are able to go on the internet to get better insights into some of the stuff they learn in schools, in case they ever need some additional help beyond what’s being passed down to them in their classrooms. Students are able to read wider and gain better understand of some of the concepts they are being introduced and in the case of those who will like to get ahead, they can also read notes and materials before classes hold in order to get a better handle on what they are to be taught and to not be caught off guard (basically, in the case of students like these, teachers only come to brush up on what they already know, and they can also ask questions on aspects they are unclear on) by reading wider and ahead of the class, students are better prepared and they get to understand things faster and much easier.


So what are you waiting for?

For schools and lecturers, why not let your students get the edge they need in their education? Embrace the role of technology in the development and enhancement of the educational process today and get your hands on some highly effective technological tools if you run on a tight budget, feel free to browse iRULU’s Black Friday sale which run through the 21sst to 25th of November and which offers up to $70 discounts on products.

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