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The Essentials-Only Work Pack...

... for the nerd and the last-gen Apple fanboi. I recently downsized my daily bag from a giant L.L. Bean backpack that took me faithfully through college, but has now seen its better days behind it*. I no longer need to carry around heavy textbooks or sneak in a 30-rack of beer into a “dry” dorm (not that I would do that). So I figured I would share my daily with you and ask for pictures of your bags with its contents dumped on the floor carefully arranged to show it’s utility.

*For those of you that know of the L.L. Bean lifetime warranty and no receipts needed policy, I consider that less of a lifehack and more of a well... I’m not here to give you life lessons in morality. I was looking to downsize too.


The Bag

I went for a 15L bag from Herschel because it was simple, had good reviews for quality, decent price, and had a bit of color without looking too childish (this isn’t a democracy, it’s a dictatorship, so no objecting to my subjective opinion). No complaints.

iPad Mini


So attached to my iPad mini (previous gen) is a bluetooth keyboard that stays within the Apple design language while providing some greater utility. It has great battery life, easy to set up, and fairly cheap. I used to use a flip style case/stand/keyboard thing, but I quickly gave that to my girlfriend when I found this and have been using my iPad a lot more because of it.


I generally keep it in this promotional (pleather?) case that used to house a notebook. Ditched the notebook and it fits perfectly inside. Has slots for business cards, and a place to hold pens (I use it to hold a multi-factor authentication key I need for work and a stylus).

Macbook Pro (Early 2011)


After making some nice upgrades (more than just stickers), my early-2011 13" MBP is running nicely on El Capitan with 8 GB of RAM and a 500 GB SSD. Since the laptop slot isn’t padded in the backback, I picked up a nice looking sleeve. Wouldn’t call it “waterproof” by any means, but I didn’t expect it to and water-resistant is fabric is an extra layer of protection that is a nice bonus (that I would never rely on).

Everything Else


MagSafe power chord, because there is no other option. Cheap Sony headphones that are beaters for use only when needed. 1 TB HDD that holds a copy of my iTunes library as to not take up any of my new flash storage. I plan on moving this to an OptiBay drive when I get around to it. Usually keep an extra lightning chord, micro usb, and a small flash drive around for when I need it too.


Oh and a bottle opener, because reasons.

Now let’s see your daily bags packs.

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