Build. Hack. Play. It's just what we do.
Build. Hack. Play. It's just what we do.

When I was trying out the handy-but-ugly Slider Widget, I got this idea for categorizing Android apps by home screen and by merit.

Say you have some apps that are really useful + they have nice home screen widgets/icons, either by default or by customizing. You call them "Good" and give them a screen of their own. Remember, these ones are really nice, guaranteed to shut up even those snoots in iLand. You could even lump them together as "beautiful PLUS brains". Add a suitable wallpaper to set them off. Show them off when you're out n about. Wow them at the bar, round the coffee table, make them see that Android can be powerful AND swanky looking.

Now say you have some semi-essential apps for which you can't find prettier-looking replacements. Their iconic presence is unsightly, so much that even nix users can't stand them. You give them a screen called Ugly— these are widgets/shortcuts/bookmarks etc whose appearance could stop a clock. BUT you only have to refer to them *sometimes*. Guess what I shunted off to this screen.

You might even have a third home screen for the stuff that's foisted upon you by your carrier/work, let us say. You don't like the debris that goes on this screen, but it has to stay, for whatever reason. Call it "Bad", coz there's no other word for it.

"Ugly" and "Bad" can be whatever you sweep under the Android rug. They're around but you can pretend they aren't. And if you are surrounded by people who care, they will pretend along with you. Unless it's porn. Maybe have a fourth screen for that, because one anagram for "fourth" is uFroth.

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