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The Impact of Black Friday Sales on Your Savings

Black Friday is probably the biggest day in the year for shoppers and retailers alike. On Black Friday, products get considerably cheaper and customers are given amazing discounts on some of the products they’ll like to get. Black Friday is a marketing mechanism that is designed to help an online retailer or e-commerce store make more sales, although it also provides customers with a unique once-in-a-year opportunity to make awesome savings while also getting some of their favorite products.

However, without certain knowledge, it won’t be possible for you as a customer to make the most (and by ‘most’, we mean ‘save as much cash as you possibly can’). This is why we have come up with a few tips for you to follow go along with these and you should be able to kill two birds with one stone when the Black Friday period rolls in.

Start your Black Friday research early.

You’ve heard the saying that the early bird gets the worm?Well, this saying applies to Black Friday sales quite a lot. The prices of products online are incredibly competitive, especially when compared to products in physical stores and establishments.


Another reason why you should start your research early is so you can know just which sites to go to. Black Friday details vary from retailer to retailer. For instance, iRULU Black Friday sales run from the 21sst to the 25th of November and they offer up to $70 discounts o products. However, this doesn’t necessarily mean that the same details will apply to Back Friday sales on Amazon or any other retailer. Make sure you do your research well before the Black Friday period so that you can know how to go about making your purchase and you won’t end up wasting precious time when the deals begin to come in.

Use mobile apps to get alerts on the best deals.

Most retailers and online e-commerce centers have mobile apps that give users and customers with easy accessibility and better customer service. Most times, important information get sent to the phones of customers who have these apps and they get better market advantages to those who don’t have these apps. When you perform your research and you get a retailer to focus your Black Friday efforts on, try as much as you can to get their app. From there, you’ll be able to get valuable information on the best deals as they come in.

Haggling can also save you much more

Certain retailers, like Depot and Lowe’s, make it possible for managers to offer certain discounts in order to further bet a competitor’s price. The truth is that every retailer is desperate to capture as many sales as they can, so don’t be afraid to bargain and haggle if the situation demands.


Thanksgiving Deals

A vast majority of large retailers offer online deals on Thanksgiving just before the hours that the stores open. For instance, Walmart begin their Black Friday deals on Thanksgiving, almost a full day before their stores officially open. Be sure to watch out for these deals as well.


Make Sure to Start You Shopping Early

Here are certain stores that provide specials for their earliest customers on Black Friday itself. For instance, they might offer some form of credit to the first 100 shoppers who go to their siteor in-store credit to the earliest customers to walk through their door. Also, I you’ll be shopping online, it will be better for you to begin so as to avoid getting caught up in network congestions or excessive online traffic. The store’s servers might go down and you won’t be able to access their site.


Whichever reason you choose, it pays to start shopping early.

Cyber Monday Deals

Also, make sure to be aware of deals on Cyber Monday (this is the Monday following Thanksgiving). Awesome deals get offered on this day as well and you could just be a lucky winner.


Green Monday

Another important tip is that you should be careful with the deals offered on Green Monday. This is usually the last day to shop online and you can easily get awesome products at cool process before Christmas.

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